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IT Solutions Provider, US Signal, Chooses INFINIDAT for High Performance, Scalability and Low TCO

Due to the exponential rise in the volume and value of data that companies store and analyze every day, many companies and service providers are faced with choosing between performance, capacity, and cost when it comes to selecting their storage solutions. Customers like US Signal don’t have to accept these compromises any longer. With INFINIDAT it is possible to have it all - high performance with petabyte scalability and an exceptionally low total cost of ownership. US Signal chose INFINIDAT for these reasons - enabling continued business growth to keep up with their customers' requirements for cost-effective, reliable, enterprise-class storage.

Hear what US Signal has to say about INFINIDAT: 

"With InfiniBox we were able to have the ability to sleep at night, the ability not to worry that a systematic issue would take down my customer base. We have the confidence in that resiliency." - Dave Wisz, Executive VP of Operations

"Some of the things that set INFINIDAT apart from other vendors out there was scalability, predictability of price point, the ability to have storage [capacity] already on the data center floor - not always having to augment. We've got the capacity when the customer needs it." - Derrin Rummelt, Director of Cloud Engineering and Research & Development

"As US Signal continues to grow in the marketplace, and in our products and services we offer to our customers, INFINIDAT is the perfect partner to grow with us." - Amanda Regnerus, Executive VP of Marketing and Product Development